life is good

it really is.

I have not posted on here in months.

Nearly a year.

You cannot make up for and summarize a life in a year. What I can say is that since last June when I posted, they’ve been the best months of my life. Amongst the curveballs and the confusion that life throws at you, these sunshine and there is happiness.

Which sounds like quite possibly the most cliché thing that you can say. But clichés begin with truth. It’s their foundation.

I am at the point in life when you can start to make decisions, to do things, to be your own person. Where I have the ability to plan out a life that I want to lead, versus a life that I am put into.

My friends are beautiful and I feel beautiful and if you asked me, I would not change a thing about senior year. Something has changed in me, this past year, since I’ve last posted.

I would say my self-confidence has grown, but it feels bigger and mightier than that. My entire essence has molded itself into something that I feel safe and empowered holding.

And in 37 days I will graduate high school and leave everything behind in my wake, in 5 months I will be leaving to travel the globe for a year and begin to fulfill my dreams and in a year and a half I will be starting college in Boston and studying journalism or international relations.

Life is looking really good & I am so proud of myself. it’s a good life, hazel grace

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